about me

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I’m Samuel Bachmann, a technology addicted twenty-something.

In March 2015 I finished my master degrees in Robotics, Systems and Control at the ETH Zurich. Currently, I’m working at Autonomous System Lab. I’m responsible for the visual inspection task of the ARGOS Challenge. Furthermore, I develop parts of the GUI and other required software features.

In my spare time, I like to play with microcontroller platforms like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. I challenge myself in several programming languages including C++, Java, JavaScript, Python and PHP. In 2015 I developed the Android app WAP SRF to simplify the participation at the competitions of Swiss Television. The app notifies the user at the start, fills the stored address into the form and tries to guess the captcha.

I developed this website to share my projects, pictures and thoughts. It’ll grow continuously as a function of my available time and ideas.